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In each project phase you can contribute and participate, choose your participation app below.

Project information

  • What should we taking into account according to you? What cannot be forgotten? You know the area, you know the history. You know better than we do. Can you help us, include all issues in this project? Point out your knowledge on this map. Lees meer over Point on the map

  • In this feature you can learn more on dike enhancement methods. Movies and infographics show you the principles on dike design. This e-learning application will teach you why we build dikes the way we do in the Netherlands. Lees meer over Online learning

  • What is your preferred design. This is the question that we want to use to explore the different solutions achievable within the given limitation of the project. We ask you to draw your ideas on this map. Lees meer over Draw on the map

  • With this tool we ask you to show your preferences to the different designs. Show us what you appreciate in each design and were improvements can be made. Lees meer over Rank the design