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The project is split into different phases. I each phase you can support the project team with your input and ideas. The project phases and planning in headlines:

  • 2017             Initiation phase (defining the project scope)
  • 2018             Preliminary design phase (determine the problem statement)
  • 2019             Design phase (designing, research, permits and contracts)
  • From 2019  Maintenance phase (maintenance)

The initiation phase is finished. Here you can read the findings and conclusions drawn from this phase.


The purpose of the Dutch high water protection program is to keep all the primary flood works up to standard. In 2050 all should obliged the new safety standards to prevent from flooding.



This projects ambition is to combine 3 issues in one solution. The first one is flood protection, the second is giving more room for the river and the third is the restauration of the old natural streams and canals in the area.


Cultural history and archaeology are highly valued in this area. The history of living with the river dates back to the earliest settlements along the river beds. The purpose of this project is to find a solution that enhances these core values.